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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Buying a property
    • 01. What if I find a property without the help of an agent?
    • 02. What is a realistic budget for a property?
    • 03. Are mortgages available in Crete?
    • 04. What is required when I am sending the funds for payment?
    • 05. What about property tax?
    • 06. Is there anything I should do while I am in Crete to make the transfer of property easier?
    • 07. How much extra should I allow to cover costs involved with the purchase?
    • 08. Do I need to return to Crete to sign the contract?
    • 09. How long will it take before the purchase is finalised and I am the owner?
    • 10. Can anyone buy a property in Crete?
  • Building and renovating
    • 01. May I ask friends and family to come to Crete to help me with building, plumbing and electrics?
    • 02. How reliable and good are Greek builders?
    • 03. What is involved in building a house?
    • 04. May I do renovation or building work myself?
    • 05. What is the difference between building inside/outside the village or city limits?
  • Living in Greece
    • 01. Do I need to carry ID documents with me at all times?
    • 02. How will I pay for services such as electricity and telephone when I am not resident?
    • 03. Do I need to pay tax?
    • 04. Do I need to register for tax purposes?
    • 05. May I work or open a business?
    • 06. May I bring my car?
    • 07. Do I need to learn Greek?